NC State Virtual Fair Mobile Bear Stuffing Experience

We can ship the stuffed animal of your choice along with an outfit today. Give Zoe a call at 919-434-7095 or email us at to make arrangements. Right now if you also book an event with Zoe, you will receive the virtual fair discount. Give us a call today!


Teddy Mountain Stuff-a-Party is a magical stuffed animal experience for kids of all ages! We bring the bear building experience to you in the safety and comfort of your own home or venue. Each guest can create their choice of a plush animal and a lifetime friend.

We are at the North Carolina State Fair and at other festivals each year bringing lots of animal stuffing fun.

Build a bear or stuffed animal party in Raleigh NC

Standard Features

Stuff-a-Party includes plush animals, stuffing, insert charm, and a birth certificate for each guest.

Bears and Animal Choices

We offer both large 16 inch and smaller 8 inch animals.

Animals are subject to availability. To ensure any specific animals for your guests, they must be pre-ordered 4 weeks prior to your event.

We Bring the Build A Bear Party To You

Enjoy having your Teddy Mountain Stuff-a-Party in the safety and comfort of your own home or party location.


Rates depend on the number of children, animal size, and distance. Contact Zoe today to get complete pricing.

Additional fees for clothing and accessories.

I cannot tell you how happy those children were today! I hope you saw their smiles while pushing those stuffies down the slide, or swinging them in the swings. Everyone commented on what an amazing idea the stuffed animals were. Thank you for everything!


Bringing smiles to the Raleigh area of North Carolina since 1996